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NEW LJ!! [05/21/06]

I kinda got tired of this name.. so I got a new LJ :P
*sheepish grin*
So people, my new one is vanilla_sherbet. Add me! :D
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Mouse Dead! [05/20/06]
Two weeks ago, I took three mice home so that I could get 12 extra credit points in Biology (trust me I needed it) and everything was fine. They were cute and everything..
and then this morning, at about 7 A.M. my mom woke me up and I found that one of the mice was still; it wasn't dead but it wasn't eating or drinking and was dying.. and my mom kept on scolding me that I didn't feed him enough and give him water and that's why he was dying.. so I felt really guilty, and I disposed of his body later and everything.
And then later in the afternoon I discovered this red mark on one of the two mice left and so I took them to the vet to see what was wrong, and the doctor said that it was just skin disease and that they won't die from it. So I was like, "Oh.. then why did the other mouse die this morning?"
And I discovered.. yesterday while I was at school, my mom noticed the dead mouse outside of the little house in the cage.. he was sleeping outside, when usually they all sleep inside the house. And my mom saw that one of the two mice was blocking the 'doorway' of the house, so the other one couldn't get in. But later he went in so my mom figured they somehow resolved their problem.
However, we later discovered that the dead mouse was bleeding.. and originally mice don't bleed unless they get hurt and they don't get hurt unless they fight! So we were like "Hmm, they fought yesterday... " and then I remembered that this morning, one of the mice (Minnie) was doing something to the dead mouse. He wasn't dead yet but he couldn't move and I was afraid that Minnie was trying to kill it or something because it was doing something to his neck, but then it looked as if Minnie was cleaning the other one's fur, so I didn't do anything. But then my dad said that earlier this morning, he saw Minnie and the other mouse (Micky) doing something to the dead one's neck as well! And I didn't see it but my parents said that there was something red on the dead one's neck.. and then I discovered blood marks inside the house so I realized that the two must have teamed up and killed the little one!
Aww poor guy!!! It now makes sense. He was the least active and the smallest one.. no wonder he got picked on!! Damn it, if I had known that they were fighting I would've have moved him to another place and he would've been just fine :( :( :(
So, there's my mouse story :(
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Just Life [05/18/06]
Okay... fourth quarter ended today or... I think it ends tomorrow. In any case, I blew it, lol!
Seriously.. I'm gonna have to work my ass off next year to make it right!
I have barely an A in Spanish, either barely A or high B in Algebra, definately a B in Biology, thank God an A in History, again thank God an A in English, probably a B in Newspaper, and barely an A in Bible. And I screwed up on all 3 tests that I took today... ha. So well, screw that..

So I watched Lost today!
Lost 2x22Collapse )

And I caught up with Veronica Mars.. I watched everything yesterday.
Veronica Mars 2x22Collapse )
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Update on TV Shows? [05/15/06]
Right, with all my favorite shows heading towards their season finales.... I'm getting a little bit (more like outrageously) excited.... :P

*And just a reminder, all of these reviews are going to contain spoilers if you haven't seen the latest episodes... except Veronica Mars ;)

First of all, the new TV series, Ghost Whisperer, just ended this month. Here's just a little bit of what I think about the last episode..
Ghost Whisperer Season 1 FinaleCollapse )

Now, I just watched the latest Desperate Housewives episode today... man, that was freaky. It leaves me depressed... things have definately taken a bad turn in Wistera Lane..
Desperate Housewives 2x22Collapse )

Now, Lost has taken a different turn...
Lost, the ? episodeCollapse )

Finally, Veronica Mars! Can you BELIEVE it?! I started watching this show on Saturday!
Guess which episode I'm on? Season 2. Episode 2. I caught up with a whole season during the weekend!
Veronica Mars ('til 2x02)Collapse )
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Opening!! [05/14/06]
Well, well.. guess what, I got bored again and I decided to return to my LJ life ;)
Besides, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for me to keep all the excitement coming from all these
season finales by myself... I have to share! And so do you all :P

I also got a new layout! In honor of Meryl Streep.. the BEST actress in our world today. ;)
So.. more to come later!!! <33
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Temporarily Closed [05/02/06]

As of right now, (which would be May 1, 2006), I'm closing my LJ.
I probably should have done this earlier but the reason for my closing this site is because I have two AP exams this week and one SAT II test in June. Plus, I screwed up on my attempt to put up a new layout and I can't be bothered to fix that right now.. I simply have no time!

In addition to that, I'm working on a new site that will be a charity organization. The site will be up and running within a month, so I'll let everyone know about that ;)

On top of all that, I've GOT to keep up with the last three episodes of Desperate Housewives because I just can't hold back, lol. It's too addictive and absorbing!

P.S. Most likely I'll reopen my LJ in a month :P
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Take Action- Save a Life Today [04/30/06]
Alright, this post is dedicated to all the crises in the world which I'm concerned about now. I know of several organizations & direct links to sites that accept donations, so anyone who's interested please support these causes! ;)

Cambodian Vision in DevelopmentCollapse )

The SoulieJolie ProjectCollapse )

AJforUNHCRCollapse )

Save DarfurCollapse )

Million Voices for DarfurCollapse )

Save Darfur WristbandCollapse )

United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesCollapse )
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Philippines 7th~13th [04/06/06]
I'm going to the Philippines tomorrow.. and coming back on the 13th!

I just watched Lost... it's so scary! The suspense is amazing! I'm going crazy wondering about what the hell was wrong with Libby.. and I still don't know who Kate's husband was and all... still don't know the whole truth about 'Henry'... haha, the day I return from the Philippines is the day Lost airs, so I'll ramble about it again after I come back ;)
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Out of Africa [03/29/06]
March 29th: 1 movie

Out of Africa (1985)Collapse )

I should be studying for my World History test right now.. I'd better hurry and leave! Oh and I've got two tests on Friday! Shit.. I wanted to watch Elizabeth tomorrow! aghh but I'll save it for the weekends I guess.
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Prime, Gone in 60 Seconds [03/28/06]
March 28th: 2 movies

Prime (2005)Collapse )

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)Collapse )

Our Biology class is going on a field trip tomorrow.. to the botanical gardens near our school. And we MIGHT go see a musical about the North Korean prison camps.. plus, the Dr. Jekyll and Hyde original broadway team is on tour and is coming to Korea in April.. and I asked my mom if I could go see it. I think we will if we get the time! Oh man, I love musicals! xD
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Failure to Launch, The End of the Affair, Alexander, One True Thing [03/26/06]
March 26th: 4 movies

Failure to Launch (2006)Collapse )

The End of the Affair (1999)Collapse )

Alexander (2004)Collapse )

One True Thing (1998)Collapse )
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Gossip, Far from Heaven, Pushing Tin [03/26/06]
March 25th: 3 movies

Gossip (2000)Collapse )

Far from Heaven (2002)Collapse )

Pushing Tin (1999)Collapse )
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BEIJING 15th-21st [03/14/06]
Okay guys!!! I'm leaving for Beijing, China tomorrow!!!!
We're leaving right after school, and we got a 6 PM plane...
I'll update my LJ once I come back!!!!
hehe I'm excited!!!!
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Movies Per Actresses [03/11/06]
List of actreeses & works I've seen
(I have to have seen at least 10 of their works)

I like to keep track of these things :P So this is just for me ;)
*I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. It hurts. Shit. :(

Angelina JolieCollapse )

Cate BlanchettCollapse )

Kate BeckinsaleCollapse )

Meryl StreepCollapse )

Naomi WattsCollapse )

Nicole KidmanCollapse )
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78th Academy Awards [03/06/06]

OMFG Rachel won!! This is the best category for me today :p Rachel totally deserves an Oscar.. I'm so glad she won =)

RestCollapse )
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Coffee & Cigarettes etc... [03/05/06]
Today, I watched... let's see.. 3? No wait, 4 movies!

In the morning I watched Coffee and Cigarettes.
Well, actually I didn't see all of it. I only got it to watch Cate's segment.. so I sort of watched the first part of the movie and then skipped it to Cousins, which is a Cate segment. It was definitely worth watching. I think it was about 10 minutes but it was surreal but wonderful to see Cate... talking to.. Cate! You see, Cate was playing.. Cate :P and.. she was also playing 'Cate's cousin' at the same time, and the two of them were having a conversation. It was some talk about Cate's cousin saying how nice it would be to be a celebrity.. Cate did a kickass job of playing the role of the cousin, Shelly.

Then I saw An Ideal Husband.
I loved this movie because it was a comedy! Well, towards the end it was very light and charming. AND Julianne Moore played an English lady!!! I'd never seen her play this kind of role before.. especially not with a British accent. I think she pulled it off very well. And I loved the rest of cast.. the always funny Minnie Driver, Rupert Everett, and of course, Cate Blanchett. I really loved the comical parts of the movie.. Cate's expressions were spectacular and immensely winsome.

Next, I saw The Shaft.
Damn it, this is the second time I've watched a violent movie all because I wanted to see an actress that starred in it. lol! Well, I got it because of Naomi Watts. And it reminded me of the oh-so-horrible Children of the Corn IV. I saw a man getting decapitated, another losing his legs, and some other gory stuff. It was about an elevator which had developed a mind of its own. It actually wasn't that bad, but I don't like these types of gory movies! :/

And right now, I came back from watching The Golden Bowl.
I think it's the first Uma Thurman movie I ever saw. And she played an American woman in the 1900s! It was rather peculiar.. she was great in it, but somehow whenever I thought of her before I'd always thought of Kill Bill. I didn't expect her to star in a period film.

So.. it was an awesome movie hodgepodge! And I'm planning to see Casanova and Veronica Guerin next week.

Oh by the way, I also saw Felicity Huffman on Oprah, for the Oscars Nominees show. I forgot why but it was a hilarious interview! I recommend it to everyone ;)
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Random Photo Updates! [03/01/06]
[Mood| Hungry]

#Stolen from piccali
I love this cover!

See rest of the photos.. Julianne, Flicka, Keira, etc.. pure randomness ;)
Randomness is GoodCollapse )
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Please Vote: Hairstyles!! [02/28/06]

Hey, I wanna do something new to my hair so I came up with a few styles I like..
You don't have to do this but I'll be grateful if you do ;)
If you do this, please tell me which style you like and which color you like =)

Vote for the hairstyle & color!
Read more...Collapse )
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[Mood | Grumpy]

Got tagged by alianne

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the coolest book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

The return of Amoo and Iome had put new life into them.
-From Glencoe Literature, The Reader's Choice: World Literature
Story: Tribal Scars or The Voltaique by Ousmane Sembene

I tag i_luv_bree, paper_hearts_x, _gentlycollapse, how_about_boisy, punkyfish13

80+ Random Questions [02/27/06]
80+ Random Questions...
Read more...Collapse )
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